1. When was Paul Green founded? What is the company philosophy?
    Paul Green is one of the leading brands for women’s shoes in Germany. The company st was founded 1988 in Munich. The head of the company is located in Mattsee near Salzburg in Austria. Paul Green produces high-quality women’s shoes for fashion-conscious women, who appreciate these handmade shoes made of selected materials and the high wearing comfort. 
  2. What does Paul Green stand for in comparison to other brands?
    Paul Green is one of the leading brands for women’s shoes in Germany. Customer orientation - high quality and design claim, fit and sustainability is what makes these shoes so popular on the market and for our customers. The shoes are produced to 100 percent in Europe: All items are exclusively produced in Austria, Croatia and Bosnia. 
  3. What makes Paul Green shoes so unique?
    Paul Green produces shoes for life and stands for high quality, an excellent fit, an excellent manufacturing, best materials and a sporty-elegant design. Paul Green shoes are handmade and produced with selected raw materials which make every shoe unique. 
  4. What is the „Paul Green effect“?
    Paul Green shoes are produced with great passion and unique craftsmanship. This perfection and quality, the style and perfect fit is what makes every shoe so unique. The result is a shoe which offers its wearer an uplifting feeling of support and a stylish appearance – the so-called “Paul Green effect.” 
  5. Who are Paul Green’s target customers? In which countries can I buy Paul Green shoes?
    Germany is the most important core market of Paul Green. But Paul Green shoes are also distributed in many other European countries and Japan. Paul Green’s target group are demanding fashion-conscious women who enjoy the quality, style and fit of these shoes. 
  6. Who are the contract partners of Paul Green?
    Paul Green works exclusively with selected specialist shops to guarantee a high service quality and customer service. This quality of service and advice secures the customer satisfaction and our long-term business success. 
  7. Where can I buy Paul Green shoes?
    You can buy Paul Green shoes in stores of our selected retail partners and on their online shops. We want to provide a high-quality customer service and customer advice which is essential for the sale of our high-quality shoes. 
  8. Does Paul Green also produce women’s shoes for other trade brands?
    License productions, white-label productions or trade brand productions are not part of the quality strategy of Paul Green. 
  9. Does Paul Green also produce belts and handbags?
    No, Paul Green has specialized in the production of high-quality women’s shoes which are produced with great passion and craftsmanship. This perfection and quality, the style and perfect fit is what makes every shoe so unique. 
  10. Where can I find Paul Green stores?
    Paul Green stores are operated by selected specialist stores in the cities Freiburg, Münster, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Flensburg. Currently five Monostores exist in Germany.. 
  11. Who is responsible for the Paul Green Online Shop?
    The webshop paulgreen-shop.de is an exclusive, licenced online shop of the specialist dealer “Schuhe Lüke Gmbh” in Freiburg. Customers will find the greatest selection of the current Paul Green collection on their website.


  1. Which materials does Paul Green use?
    Paul Green shoes are made of selected raw materials. The manufacturer Paul Green attaches great importance to the careful selection of the suppliers. The quality of the raw materials is multiple-controlled. 
  2. Who provides the leather for Paul Green shoes?
    Paul Green shoes are made of real leather, on the inside as well as on the outside. These leathers are provided by suppliers which are trustworthy and steady partners of Paul Green. 
  3. What are Paul Green’s production conditions?
    Paul Green produces exclusively in Europe; this means at the headquarters in Austria as well as the productions sites in Croatia and Bosnia. Production conditions in Far East as portrayed in the media are unknown to Paul Green. The production process is multiple-controlled in regard to work approach and harmful substances. As traditional Austrian company Paul Green aims to work in harmony with humans, animals and the environment. Paul Green GmbH keeps in mind the coming generations: Paul Green values the long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and team members. 
  4. How does Paul Green check the quality and production?
    Paul Green attaches great importance to the selection of the suppliers and the quality of the materials used. The constituent substances of the raw materials are checked on a regular basis by independent institutions. Paul Green wants to ensure the compliance with all legal provisions and regulations. All used leathers comply with the REACH regulation, the azo dye regulations as well as the current German and European values and regulations. The leathers are also free of Chromium VI. 
  5. Is the leather chrome tanned?
    For the production of Paul Green shoes chrome tanned leather (not chrome VI) as well as vegetable-tanned leather from Italy is used. The leather is made in Italian tanneries and is directly delivered to Paul Green from there. Paul Green can’t give a 100% guarantee that no raw materials from the Far East are used. As Paul Green only uses high-quality leathers for the shoe production, the tanned raw materials are of excellent quality and origin. The raw leather is not produced in low-budget productions, as for example in Bangladesh. Paul Green shoes are exclusively produced in Europe, meaning in the company’s headquarters in Austria as well as production sites in Croatia and Bosnia. This is why in all Paul Green factories European law is applied. Production conditions in Far East as portrayed in the media are unknown to Paul Green. 


  1. What makes Paul Green shoes so special?
    Paul Green produces women’s shoes with a high wearing comfort and fashionable design. A distinctive style and high quality is what makes Paul Green shoes so unique. The exclusive wearing comfort is guaranteed by the specially formed shoe lasts, which offer a perfect fit. Thanks to the damped heel and a special heel form Paul Green shoes offer a special comfort and exceptional foothold. Paul Green shoes are unique! Customers value the exclusive style of the shoes and become regular customers. 
  2. Which product categories does Paul Green have in stock?
    Strong Paul Green product lines are sporty-elegant sneakers, boots and half-boots. Furthermore, the collection ranges from ballerinas over sandals to winter boots lined with lambskin. 
  3. In which sizes do Paul Green shoes come in?
    Paul Green shoes are available in the sizes 3 to 8 and to ensure a perfect fit they also come in half sizes. Part of the shoe collection is also available in larger and smaller sizes. Some Paul Green boots come with a Varioshaft with two different shaft widths: S/M and M/L. 
  4. What are the Paul Green trends?
    Paul Green’s designer team has an eye for important fashion and collection trends which is reflected in the style and design strategy. Every Paul Green shoe and every collection inherits the “Paul Green DNA”: the perfect combination of elegance and sportive design. 
  5. When is the new collection available for sale?
    The collection is seasonal, but Paul Green also manufactures by demand of the retailers – items for autumn and winter will be available for sale starting from May, the spring and summer collection is available from November. 
  6. How does Paul Green handle complaints?
    Paul Green takes every complaint seriously. Our aim is to ensure a long-lasting customer relationship. This is why every shoe has to undergo a careful examination. 

Enjoy your online shopping
Sincerly, your Paul Green Shop Team.