Removable footbed

Removable Footbed

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PG+ removable footbed 

Paul Green shoes convince with the best workmanship, fashionable design and an excellent fit. With PG+ some models will get an orthopaedic extra - the removable cork footbed with a leather inner sole. As a result, you will not only enjoy the proven wearing comfort but also have the option to replace the PG+ removable footbed with put in your own orthopaedic inner sole. Of course, the PG+ shoes can also be worn with the cork footbed, because natural cork convinces with many positive characteristics:
  • excellent cushioning
  • naturally insulating 
  • optimum moisture behaviour 
  • perfect stability 
  • hygienic foot climate 

Enjoy optimum comfort and well-being with PG+ models, either with our interchangeable cork footbed or with your own orthopaedic inner soles. One is for sure, you don’t have to miss latest fashion trends.